Find Educational Guides, Worksheets, and Online Books For Home Learning on Oxford Owl

Oxford Owl has a site specially catering to helping children learn at home. On the site, parents can learn about their child’s developmental milestones for different subjects, read up on tips to help their children flourish, find activity and game ideas, as well as utilize multiple free resources. Learning resources are available to aid children ages 3 to 11, and include print-out worksheets and free online books.

Visit their website here.

Learn to Code With This Star Wars Themed Platform

Utilize your homeschooler’s interest in Star Wars to teach them about computer science! Building a Galaxy With Code, an interactive platform by allows students to build a “galaxy” using Javascript (for ages 11 and up) or drag-drop blocks (for ages 6 to 10).

Driven by the belief that every students should have the opportunity to learn computer science, also offers other coding projects that can be done at home.

Click here to access their Star Wars project or click here to visit their website.

Strengthen Your Child’s Typing Skills With This Free Website

Raising tech-savvy kids is important in today’s technological landscape! Strengthen your homeschooler’s typing skills with this colorful, easy-to-use platform.

Created by the BBC, Dance Mat Typing guides children in learning and mastering proper typing skills with the help of their engaging cast of animated characters. The platform has a total of 12 stages for students to master with song-rewards in between each stage. The platform is completely free and does not require registration!

Visit the website here.

Foster Curiosity and Learning With This Fun YouTube Channel

Let your homeschooler embrace their curiosity with these Maddie Moate videos on YouTube. Join Maddie for a series of educational adventures as she sets out to the answers to different interesting questions. With videos ranging from 3 to 45 minutes long, students can learn about a various selection of topics from mountains to coral reefs. The videos are ideal for students ages 5 to 11, and some videos also include fun activity tutorials.

Visit her YouTube channel here.

This Free Interactive App Will Help Strengthen Your Homeschooler’s Reading Skills

Does your homeschooler need extra help in reading? Try out this supplementary reading app from Google! Rivet holds thousands of leveled books covering different subjects like science, sports, history, and more. Students can browse the app’s expansive library according to their preferred level of difficulty. The books offer interactive reading support to help students learn new vocabulary, proper pronunciation, and can also play engaging games to keep them entertained and attentive.

Learn more about the app here, or download it from the App Store or Google Play.