Catch These Filipino Storytelling Sessions Live Every Saturday This Month

Here’s the perfect opportunity to exercise your child’s Filipino literacy skills! The National Commission for Culture and the Arts has teamed up with Adarna House and Likha-an sa Intramuros to bring kids “Sa Kuwento Natin“. The live storytelling, featuring Filipino literature artist Virgilio S. Almario, will bring kids through Filipino folk literature every Saturday this August at 6PM (Philippine time) on the Sentro Rizal Youtube Channel.

Learn more about the segment through their Facebook page and catch the live sessions on the Sentro Rizal Youtube Channel.

See Scientific Concepts Come to Life With These Home Activities

Your homeschooler will have an easier time retaining scientific concepts when they see it live in action. Try out some of these free home activities from Flinn Science!

On their website, Flinn Science has released some of their favorite activities that, with some planning, can be done in your own home. Some activities can be accomplished with materials you’ll likely already have on hand, while others can be done with some supplies you can source outside.

Find activities for Middle School and High School students by visiting their website here.

Learn Colors and Shapes With This Free App

Learning to identify colors and shapes is an important skill for any preschooler and kindergartener! Help your homeschooler learn in a fun and engaging way with the Colors & Shapes app. The free application features several compelling mini games that don’t only focus on identifying shapes and colors, but also aids in developing basic tracing, matching, and building skills.

The app can be used of several devices, and is completely free of ads and in-app purchases. Learn more about it here.

Browse Through These Space-Themed Lessons and Home Activities For Grades 3 to 9

Bring STEM learning into your home with these Challenger Center lessons and activities. The Challenger Center is a non-profit organization that’s committed to help educate and engage students through various space-themed learning opportunities. On their website, they’ve shared several lessons and activities centered on STEM subjects to use at home.

Browse through the resources by visiting their website here.

Strengthen Communication Skills While Learning About Exciting Careers With This Platform

Your middle schooler can learn several useful skills through the online games on Read to Learn. The games bring learners into virtual workspaces from various industries such as public service, medicine, and journalism, and take on the role as the boss of each workspace.

As they go through a virtual workday, your child will be able to exercise their reading and writing skills, all while developing important professional skills as they encounter work-related demands. These games are great for growing critical thinking, problem solving, and time management skills.

Learn more about them here.