Utilize This App to Teach Your Homeschooler Financial Management Skills

Gimi is a multifunctional app that teaches children to be financially literate while empowering them to track and manage their own money. The free app, recommended for children ages 7 and up, helps parents and children track allowances, pocket money, and chores (or other ways to earn allowance). The app holds no real money to ensure safe money management and doesn’t connect to any bank account, but parent/supporter accounts can deduct amounts from their children’s accounts whenever money is given to them in real life.

Learn more about the free app, together with it’s premium version by visiting their website here.

Have Some Scientific Fun With These Science Game Ideas

Games are a sure way to help your learner become more engaged in lessons! Parents Magazine shares several games/home activities that will build up your child’s interest in science while improving their observational and comprehensive skills. The seven games teach children a basic understanding of different scientific concepts including human anatomy, static electricity, and velocity.

Look through the games here.

Foster Social and Emotional Learning at Home With These Resources

Holistically raise up your homeschooler by encouraging the develop of his/her social and emotional skills. Greater Good in Education, an SEL initiative of Berkley”s Greater Good Science Center, offers several free lessons for Grades K-12. The lessons guide parents and educators through important developments and ways to exercise these important skills at home. Lessons range from short 15-minute sessions to multiple sessions.

Look through the available resources by visiting their website here.

Browse Through This Collection of Science Resources for Your Home

Build up your homeschooler’s scientific prowess with resources from the Royal Society. The Royal Society, a fellowship set out to encourage the development of science as well as excellence in the field, has released several resources to aid learning during this time. Find resources for primary and secondary school learners including videos, lectures, activities, and more.

Visit their website here.

Download These Math Worksheets for Grades 1 to 3

Help your child master his/her mathematical skills with these downloadable worksheets. The official website of Parents Magazine has shared almost a dozen math exercises that you can print and use at home. The exercises range from simple addition to math word problems that can be answered by students from Grades 1 to 3.

Visit their website and see the worksheets here.