Six Resources to Sharpen Your Homeschooler’s Reading Comprehension Skills

From lesson plans to fun games, all of these resources can help your child improve their literacy and reading comprehension skills. So whether your homeschooler is just starting to learn phonics or has a steady grasp of reading skills, they’ll find something here to help them along.

Into the Book by PBS Wisconsin uses fun games to test reading comprehension. Similarly, Dreamscape offers engaging, curriculum-aligned reading games suitable for grades 2-8. Simply sign up for free! If you’re looking for curriculum material, Reading Eggs is offering 30 days of free access to their platform and other free downloadable resources for students ages 2-13. Lastly, check out Wonderopolis, National Geographic Young Explorers, and Novel Effect for fun reading materials to spark your learner’s curiosity and love for reading!

Check Out These Free Printables You Can Use in Your Homeschool

Access thousands of free printables to supplement your child’s learning and development! 123 Homeschool for Me has an impressive library of over 300,000 free worksheets for toddlers to teens, Little Spark Company offers free, printable activities for children ages 0-6 (just join their mailing list!), and Dog on a Log Books has several printable games and activities to aid your homeschooler in learning phonics and reading skills.

Here Are Some Tools to Build Up Your Child’s Typing Skills

These free platforms will surely build up your child’s keyboarding skills, and the great news is that they’re both free! In addition to growing keyboard skills, covers foundational tech topics such as computer basics, tech literacy, and coding fundamentals. Students can also further develop their typing skills through Nitro Type, a fun typing competition where each student’s typing speed fuels their respective race car.