Be Equipped With Essential Skills for the 21st Century Through This Website

Parents and students alike can utilize this resource and learn about important skills for life in the 21st century. GCF Global has shared several short, easy to understand lessons and videos that may be accessed for free on their website. There’s a lot to learn as you and your child can equip yourselves with basic computer skills, to career planning, and even technology buying.

See the full list of topics and lessons by visiting their website here.

Raise “Ethical Digital Citizens” With These Free Resources

Today, it’s essential to teach children how to behave and fairly share content online. Use the free resources available on Copyright & Creativity to teach your homeschooler about the important principles of copyright and fair use.

Not only will the resources aid your child in maintaining academic integrity, but the concepts learned throughout the website will also be beneficial for life beyond their academic journey as well. There are resources available for Elementary, Middle School, High School, and professional development—many of which come in the form of short video lessons.

Visit the website here.

Browse Through These Space-Themed Lessons and Home Activities For Grades 3 to 9

Bring STEM learning into your home with these Challenger Center lessons and activities. The Challenger Center is a non-profit organization that’s committed to help educate and engage students through various space-themed learning opportunities. On their website, they’ve shared several lessons and activities centered on STEM subjects to use at home.

Browse through the resources by visiting their website here.

Download These Lesson Plans Exploring the Science Behind OK Go’s Popular Music Videos

Foster your child’s joyful curiosity with the free downloadable resources from this website. The Grammy award-winning band OK Go, popular for their creative and imaginative music videos, has teamed up with the Playful Learning Lab at the University of St. Thomas to create OK Go Sandbox. The online learning resource takes a fun and playful approach to learning as it explores the different STEAM concepts presented throughout several of the band’s viral music videos. Explore concepts from physics, art, math, engineering and more!

Visit their website here.

Use These Geography-Based Learning Resources From National Geographic

The world-renowned National Geographic Society has shared a large selection of classroom resources for families to use at home. Students can build up their heart for exploration with videos, articles, quizzes, and other activities about interesting regions of the world. The website has put together six countries to explore including The Philippines!

Learn more on their website here.