Find Educational Guides, Worksheets, and Online Books For Home Learning on Oxford Owl

Oxford Owl has a site specially catering to helping children learn at home. On the site, parents can learn about their child’s developmental milestones for different subjects, read up on tips to help their children flourish, find activity and game ideas, as well as utilize multiple free resources. Learning resources are available to aid children ages 3 to 11, and include print-out worksheets and free online books.

Visit their website here.

This Free Interactive App Will Help Strengthen Your Homeschooler’s Reading Skills

Does your homeschooler need extra help in reading? Try out this supplementary reading app from Google! Rivet holds thousands of leveled books covering different subjects like science, sports, history, and more. Students can browse the app’s expansive library according to their preferred level of difficulty. The books offer interactive reading support to help students learn new vocabulary, proper pronunciation, and can also play engaging games to keep them entertained and attentive.

Learn more about the app here, or download it from the App Store or Google Play.

Foster Social and Emotional Learning at Home With These Resources

Holistically raise up your homeschooler by encouraging the develop of his/her social and emotional skills. Greater Good in Education, an SEL initiative of Berkley”s Greater Good Science Center, offers several free lessons for Grades K-12. The lessons guide parents and educators through important developments and ways to exercise these important skills at home. Lessons range from short 15-minute sessions to multiple sessions.

Look through the available resources by visiting their website here.

Browse Through This Collection of Science Resources for Your Home

Build up your homeschooler’s scientific prowess with resources from the Royal Society. The Royal Society, a fellowship set out to encourage the development of science as well as excellence in the field, has released several resources to aid learning during this time. Find resources for primary and secondary school learners including videos, lectures, activities, and more.

Visit their website here.

Find Free STEM Resources For Your Learner on This Website

STEM subjects continue to grow in popularity and relevance in today’s educational landscape. Keep the learning going with these resources from The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET).

The IET has shared lesson plans, handouts, videos, and activities that parents can utilize in their home for students ages 5 to 16 years old. The resources are organized according to UK Key Stages: Key Stage 1 for ages 5 to 7, Key Stage 2 for ages 7 to 11, Key Stage 3 for ages 11 to 14 , and Key Stage 4 for ages 14 to 16.

Visit their website and browse through the resources here.