Engage Your High Schooler to Think Critically With These Free Diplomatic Simulations

If your child enjoyed the international relations resources from World 101, they’ll surely enjoy learning about diplomacy with the free resources from Model Diplomacy.

Also created by the Council on Foreign Relations, Model Diplomacy is a learning initiative created to equip and engage older students with the necessary knowledge and skills needed to become globally-informed citizens. Their website holds several simulations, including “pop-up cases” which can be downloaded for free. Through the simulations, parents can spark creative discussions with their children and see how they would address global issues.

Learn more by visiting their website here.

Use These Free Resources to Teach Your Child About Nutrition and Overall Well-Being

From full lesson plans to inquiry-based activities, NestlĂ© for Healthier Kids has a large selection of resources to teach your child about healthy living. Their comprehensive lesson plans cover topics such as food and nutrition, mental health, and fundamental movement skills, while their printable resources incorporate other subjects like math and science. The website also has several videos and online games to further enhance your student’s learning experience.

Visit their website here to learn more.

Find Free Home Learning Resources From This Publisher

Workman Publishing has shared several downloadable resources for grades K-12 on their website. Some of the worksheets function as a supplementary tool for their books, while others can be accomplished on their own. The resources cover a wide variety of topics from colors, to SEL, to science.

Look through the resources here.

Introduce Your High Schooler to International Relations and Foreign Policy With These Free Resources

Whether to raise up a globally-minded individual or feed your child’s interest in international relations, there’s a lot for your homeschooler to learn from these downloadable lessons.

The Council on Foreign Relations created the platform World 101 wherein it shares several modules about global era issues and different regions of the world. The modules cover topics such as trade, global health, development and loads more. Each of the modules are made up of several lessons utilizing videos, infographics, simulation guides, essay suggestions, and other learning resources that can be downloaded for free.

Learn more about the modules here.

Expand Your High Schooler’s Vocabulary With This Website

Make studying vocabulary more enjoyable and effective with Vocabbett. The website aims to help high school students broaden their vocabulary for college entrance tests including the SAT and ACT. In order to ensure actual comprehension rather than mere memorization, the website creator has crafted several interesting stories filled with SAT vocabulary. To help families at home, Vocabbet has shared three of their vocabulary-rich stories online for free.

Click here to visit the website.