Experience the Groundbreaking Mission of Apollo 11 on This Website

Homeschoolers interested in science, astronomy, or space research will be fascinated with this Apollo 11 resource. Apollo in Real Time allows learners to view the historical mission to the moon in real time. Students can watch the mission as it launches or join “in-progress” depending on the time of day while viewing actual footage from the spacecraft, mission control, and TV transmissions. On the website, viewers can also listen to space-to ground audio, scan through thousands of photographs, and more.

Visit the website here.

Cultivate Your Learner’s Interest in Humanities With These Resources

EDSITEment! is an educational platform by the U.S. National Endowment for the Humanities which seeks to encourage a passion for the study of humanities through its variety of educational resources. On the website, parents and older students can utilize the ready-to-use lesson plans for K-12 students, along with teacher’s guides and student activities. All of their resources tackle topics involved in art, culture, history, social studies, literature, and the language arts.

To browse through their resources, visit their website here.

Learn About Cultural Music With Free Lesson Plans From Carnegie Hall

The world-famous Carnegie Hall is offering several informative resources on their website. Through the website’s “Musical Explorers” section, parents can utilize up to six programs covering different ethnic musical genres and teach their children about cultural traditions from around the world. Every program includes six lessons about unique artists whom students can learn more about through infographics, videos, songs, and activity sheets.

Visit the Carnegie Hall website here.

Find 12 Weeks of Lessons and Activities on This Website

Hand2Mind is encouraging families to “Teach@Home” during the pandemic with their free, downloadable lesson plans and activities! With 12 weeks’ worth of short lessons for students from Kindergarten to Grade 5, children can supplement their learning for subjects like math, literacy, and STEM. Each lesson includes YouTube videos to help teach important concepts along with exercise worksheets and corresponding answer keys.

Browse through their lessons by visiting the Hand2Mind website here.

Access Thousands of Free E-Books on This Platform

Project Gutenberg offers an enormous online library of world literature. Viewers can read the titles online or download them for free as the library focuses on titles with expired U.S. copyrights. Such books include classical stories by authors like Charles Dickens, Oscar Wilde, Louisa May Alcott, and Homer. Students can also use the platform as a helpful research tool with educational and historical books also available.

Browse through the library here.