Utilize This App to Teach Your Homeschooler Financial Management Skills

Gimi is a multifunctional app that teaches children to be financially literate while empowering them to track and manage their own money. The free app, recommended for children ages 7 and up, helps parents and children track allowances, pocket money, and chores (or other ways to earn allowance). The app holds no real money to ensure safe money management and doesn’t connect to any bank account, but parent/supporter accounts can deduct amounts from their children’s accounts whenever money is given to them in real life.

Learn more about the free app, together with it’s premium version by visiting their website here.

Follow Along to These Ballet Classes on YouTube

Join The Ballet Coach Sarah Du-Feu as she shares ballet classes for all ages on her YouTube channel. Through the classes, she hopes students can stay active at home while building self-confidence and creativity.

Videos include ballet classes for primary level kids (ages 5-7), mid level kids (ages 8-12), intermediate level teens and adults (ages 13 and up), and even grandparents. There are also barre fitness classes for adults who want an effective home workout.

Visit her YouTube channel here.

Teach Your Child About Important Biblical Topics With This New YouTube Channel

The Bible Study Fellowship started BSF Kids, a YouTube channel geared towards sharing God’s Word with children. Now parents can utilize their child’s love for YouTube in a way that will mold and educate him/her about things that hold eternal importance.

Through their short videos, children will learn about topics such as the Bible, who God is, and what the purpose of life is. Visit their channel here.

Build Up a Healthy Eater With Activities From This Website

Being the main source of influence in their child’s life through homeschooling, parents have a powerful opportunity to impact their child’s health for the better.

Healthy Kids, Healthy Future is a website powered by the Nemours Foundation which has released “5 Healthy Goals” to help parents prevent childhood obesity. On their website, the organization fully explains each of these goals while providing tips, activities, and resources to help accomplish them. Visit the available resources here.

Teach Nutrition in Your Homeschool With The Help of These Resources

Knowledge plays a powerful role in influencing habits, and Choose My Plate wants to help families grow in their knowledge and understanding of nutrition. Created by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, their website offers resources for both parents and children. Parents with preschoolers can utilize their customizable growth charts and food group information, tips, and activity ideas. Those with elementary level students can find games, activity sheets, kid-friendly recipes, and exercise activities.

All of these resources can be integrated into your homeschool to equip child with knowledge to live a healthy and nutritious lifestyle. Visit their website here.